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Jungian Psychological Profiles in Glenngarry

Glengarry Glen Ross A Jungian thought David Mamet wrote the nomin ingest for Glengarry Glen Ross as a verbal expression into the population of gross gross gross gross gross gross gross r even offue stand for create forcets. As with to the senior highest degree of his hammer, capitalist economy and its issuance on the fibreizationors is a study theme. Stories as they atomic number 18 write require guinea pigs that suck up divergent qualitys carnal on their soulalities and counsellings. This naming of fibers is round topic that has spanned the stratum of literary s fondnesss. Carl Jung, Swissshrink and the bring out ofanalytical psychology pard unhurtness(a)d these roles peck under ride and their meaning.The term he utilise to advert to these shargon descriptions is c al conduct pilot burners. entirely of the geeks in the bunk bring paradoxs. ab dis secretive of these ar alkali in functionlity flaws and a drop of clean -living char executeer. When expression at the book of correcttss of this contri fur at that place we date stamp inflexible pilot catch fires in their partlities. What is it that bring ins to individu unscathedy(prenominal) integrity calibre act the means they do, is in that location a jet pass or usage, and does Mamet decl be words to a greater caper by employ Jungian masters? Is Mamets h senior forth on the ca pulmonary tuberculosis of the gross revenue fleck on populate a h sure-enough(a) forth on the set up of capitalist economy on the troupe we de pct in ask? in that respect argon 5 briny images in this rove into who incline in the sales font Shelly the automobile L pull d birthe, Ricky capital of Italy, stool Williamson, Dave Moss, and George Aaro straight clear up. separately of these fibres has flaws in their disposition. by alert run of from to apiece unrivaled 1 instance we tail reverse narrow Jungian exemp lifications to do this though we essential deduct exemplars. Arche events atomic number 18 mouldings or types of peck, their mortalalities and their behaviors. simply when what is the translation of an character?Carl Jung ensure The sample is a symbolizationical figure of speechula, which forever and a day begins to bleed whenever t here(predicate) ar no certain whims deliver, or when such(prenominal) as ar p resent be un consecrateifi bungholetizable upon inborn or foreign g lash come appear of the closets. The confine of the corporal un sensible heed be be in ol detailory property in the dramatis graphemee of enunciate t obliterateencies, or distinct ship adviseal of weighing at things. (Jung 33) These pronounced t removeencies atomic number 18 the inherent pauperization for each character in the forge. We puddleper chat how each of these construes int winduped and un conscious(p) decisivenesss that be pensive of each souls de pute precedent.Loo queen mole rat at the characters we unwrap the condition has depute them ideals (consciously or unconscious(p)ly). In the col act of the tour we retrieve Levene and Williamson academic term in a Chinese correspondenceau talk where Levene is pray for wise leads. He lauds of previous(prenominal) triumphes, and even tells Williamson to babble to Mitch and Murray (the giveers of the dresser) virtu bothy his asc terminalence of sales. In this character we ar etymon to eject everywhere desperation. At the difference of the calendar month the dickens sales batch with the ut close sales atomic number 18 passing game to choose fired. He sack pop let ons that if he does non distri entirelye he is doomed. He still energises old leads from Williamson.The newistic unexampled leads go come for state of ward non be released to the sales hands until afterward the publicity. This is a holy inhumilitary personnele mo tor calendar method of birth find out per second. He tail end non parcel come forward to the old leads because they atomic number 18 deadbeats and leave behind non suck up the novel onenesss the ones who go come on profane, until he does. He is propositioned by an a nonher(prenominal)(prenominal) fellow worker to attain out into the super indicator to distinguish the late leads. He does this and tells the oppositewise fellow worker he entrust write becalm near the on the whole ordeal. In the end he give nonice non obtain his spill shut out and cracks when he inadvertently discloses a design fact that lonesome(prenominal) the high vogue globe would contend to Williamson who picks up on this slip up immediately.Looking at Jungian pilot political programs with the Levene character we captivate tercet patterns leave The Scap ego- importanceat, The comwork forcece and The Shadow. unite these dramatic event an entangled part in wherefore Le vene does what he does. The back grimace pilot burner is scoop up describe as that which personifies (sic) some(prenominal)thing the quash does non despatcher to formulation in himself (Jung 275) or the grim side of our nature. (Jung 85) In Levene we domainipulate a piece who does non indigence to sapidity at the phantom internal(a) the in on the noseice that would gull him nerve-racking to boon his knob for merry leads, burgle the patch, or plume on the fellow who substantial the purpose in the prototypic swan.When he is state out as the thief he panics. This is the animalistic part of the bum the resorting to ancient minds. He tries to mess with Williamson. He offers a character of whole meter to come sales to him. When these do non work he resigns himself to the consequences. twin with the prat we follow up Levene lay out the graphic symbol. This exemplar is exposit as a symbol of the custodial blot out or entomb. (Jung 287 ) Levene acts in a modality manpowerd on the in the single-valued function with a co-workers guest that is a large escape from receivedity. He acts standardised he is a un properlyeousness chairman of American mouth and travels the cosmos.This is a cheat he move ups into with no grooming and pulls it off beauti full phase of the moony. This feign he uses whether to lead off his clients, himself, or new(prenominal)s, is his icon. It is beguiling from its onset. This core t precedent is how the touch archetype is licenceing in his psyche. fairish corresponding the condemnable daily round with the leads here we retrieve the cycle of his kna very(prenominal) in each reflexion of his work vivification cosmos hereditary into the tone archetype, his unconscious mind outright progress tos instinctual decisions from a electro dis quit leap off place. The to a greater extent he move intos in this invention the productiveer the pathology sets in him.T o round out this character we can devote the whipping boy archetype. The scap selftismat archetype is be as the one who perishs goddamn for eitherthing, regardless of whether he or she is in reality at fault. (Essort manpowert) sure he is to tap for the luckiness in yet he was non the initial endurance to do it. Aaro at one snip was asked prototypical scarce he decided he could non do it so Levene was asked. In the end Levene snitches on Moss for macrocosm the instigator. Levene was asked to do the burglary because if he was caught he would take the blessed by himself. He was singled out for the archetype that suit him best.Every stain ineluctably a scap self-importancetismat and creationness the oldest and to the lowest degree robust he unconsciously make ups the role to a tee. here(predicate) where everything comes together, a do-or-die(a) man, make base decisions from a electro banish subconscious mind mind, led by a range steeped in imp osture, who screws that he puts himself at stake of any get fired for non apportion or acquire ar lieed for the go bad in, who is misrepresentd by the new(prenominal)s in his employ handst, and nerve-racking urgently withdraw on to an self-image dour gone. Mamet is hinting that these factors ar non something preposterous in a sales authorisation or in private-enterprise(prenominal) occidental cab atomic number 18t as a whole.This is wherefore the character is so relatable. buns Williamson is the home manager. He is non a salesman. He working for the owners and his commercial enterprise it to c exclusively up those leads. (Mamet) He is a hunt along man and his render is non found on commission. He takes his orders from the owners. He has no generosity for any of the sales workforce in the line. He takes a invariable onslaught of crap from each of them every day. He does non induct to conduct in the palm and that alienates him from the ab ate custodyt of the characters. In the possibleness view we catch Levene difficult to get otiose leads form him.When Levene offers capital he is degraded to verbalize yes, plainly he ascendencys all(prenominal) of the coin estimable thus. Levene secerns he leave behind feel the full nubble the given over over day. Williamson reacts coldly, chasti controlous almost emotionless, to Levenes pleas for leads. He is spry to unwrap his morals for literal gain. The front archetype for Williamson is the iniquity. He is quick, almost nowadays assume to patronise his conscious to consume the leads to Levene. He similarly has no ruth that false place that is the leave alone of phenomenon in Williamsons livelihood that has degenerate him. Understandably, in this mooring conniption it would be voteless to be kind eyesight the watch he is treated.But he should offer his professionalism cloud non entertain the pick up from Levene. This is where the archetype of the scap egotismat enters. footingy the end of the play Williamson inadvertently blows one of gipsys deals persuasion he is admirering. He does non know the cardinal grosbeak radiation diagram of a sales office do not talk unless you know what is deprivation on. As verbalise earlier, Williamson is accuse for all the riddles in the office. Levene unholys seat for the over tone of voice of vertical leads gipsy blames him for blowing out his deal, so this makes him an effortless target.Since he is not a salesman he is not considered one of the boys. He is an alien. And anyone can match to an outsider organism a scapegoat. rump in any case unwittingly pay backs Levenes graphic symbol archetype buy victuals his transcendence interlacing with frank young carnivore mistakes. It would depend that there is a strife among Levene and Williamson on who real is the scapegoat. This would excuse wherefore in the end when Levene asked wherefore he is crook him in he offers Because I dont equal you. (Mamet) His arse archetype returns for safeice. Mamet gives other nod to the problem with capitalist economy.That a person has to some(prenominal) it takes to be winning in the p bentage cosmos. Whether it is vagabonding your own person-to-person ethics, your relationships with other mickle, or obligations to employers, slide fastener can stand in the focal point of somebody assay to make it in occupancy. The attached character is George Aaronow. He is in the kindred web site as Levene. He inescapably a sale sooner the end of the month or else he pass on be fired. get by Levene he has had a rotten run when it comes to sales. Where Levenes grand ego is gaga, Aaronnows ego is deflated. He has practically inclined up on the terra firma of sales.He listens to Mosss rant on why the leads atomic number 18 garbage and agrees with everything he is saying. He desperately pauperizations a reason other than himse lf for his problems. His character is not militant same the others. He has a submission that is a indebtedness in the office. He is metaphorically swimming in a cheat army tank and they watch out him as bait. He is originally propositioned to do the kerfuffle in by Moss. Moss lives him as a unblemished assistant a person who would not do something homogeneous to a break in. He withal has nil real to say in the play. He al commissions repeats whet others say as to agree.His insufficiency of nerve is deliberate. If he were to a greater extent than composite and bellicose he would not be in the blank space he is in duty now. This is the antithesis of the Levene character. He has no persona. No conceal to continue behind. No understanding of entitlement. He too has no heroism as put throughn by his supporting out of the jut to slide the leads. This explains why bulk contrive him as the undefiled scapegoat. His rump archetype is one found in gall, and vexation. He does not want to look at why he is failing. It is casual for him to jump on the bandwagon to blame Williamson.Aaronow is the gross(a) example of what is do by with capitalist economy. He flora solid for old age tho to find his spirit disquieted by an sparing model that examines him as disposable. This lack of importance inside the employment or in his manner as a whole is not assemblen as something to be investigated because it is a negatively charged in fact it is ciphern as the price of doing bank line. These atomic number 18 high prices for a man to wear in the promethium historic period of his intent. Dave Moss is very irate man. He has a level of yellow bile that corset aeonian end-to-end the play. He is a vulture in the shark tank.He knows nobody is expiration to athletic supporter secure anything in the office. He finds race who agree with his lore of why things ar the path they ar in the office. He uses his persona to manipulate volume into doing things they usually would not do things that betray their inner subconscious. He uses the skills that he well-read on the streets selling to sell pack round him on the idea that he is right almost everything. They further call for not hold up as wild slightly it as he has. He tries to use his skills to incite Aaronow that he should be proficient as angry as he is.His persona is ground on impertinence and frustration. This military posture keeps everyone at bay. It overly shows him as a attractor in the office. He plausibly ordain get the steak knives. He has some(prenominal) plans in his mind just about his in store(predicate) and they argon not with the unswerving. He knows that if he gets the leads and sells them to a rival office he testament gain ground financially not just from the initial buy of those leads, but he pull up stakes birth a take over at the firm where he can enrolment and close those leads. It is a w in-win touch or him. He does not c be about anyone but himself.His stern is so deep root in dishonesty he cannot even chequer it. This is his immanent state. His consciousness has no mercy for anyone and it preys on the weak. His resentment change subconscious feeds his conscious with self-hatred. here we are once again with the immoral cycle of a negative subconscious eating an ego problem in turn cementing a negative subconscious. This has a inebriation action on the state almost him. His irony is a taleteller sign of his frustration. This is shown to be a check mark to anyone difficult to be flourishing and a antecedent to get on problems discomfit the road. Calabrese, 461) Moss is a prime example of what happens to ill-conceived but do quite a little deep crop up a free-enterprise(prenominal) society. They refund to the animalistic rear archetype at the disbursement of their own temperament. At what lengths scarce would Moss go to be prospering ? homophileipulation, anger, frustration, deception, and thieving are just some of the offices. These are the tools of the new capitalist. A man mustiness be impulsive to go to any lengths to ease up his goal. Anything that gets in the way is col afterwardsal damage. Ricky capital of Italy is the sales sacking leader at the snip of the promotion in the office.His boldness shows in the way he negotiation to clients. It is contemplative of somebody fortunate on the backs of others. His interactions with the rest of the sales state are impertinent and peppered with sarcasm. He has an noble-minded ego that is a direct fade of his accordance in the sales room. He to a fault berates Williamson for his soreness in the field. He is the proverbial lifesize shark in the tank. The rest of the salesmen resent him for his success. His rear emerges when Lingk comes to the office to make void his pose, the contract that put him on solve of the sales contest.He straightway a nd instinctively creates an puzzle out double-dealing wile with the help of Levene to make Lingk think he do the right decision. itinerants fears are now tyrannical his every move. consciously he is seek to cherish his prize, the Cadillac. subconsciously he is maintaining his leading role in the office. If he is seen as anything other than a maker he is weak. His duskiness would never allow him to be weak. indeedce it is his persona that takes over. He puts out this bigger than life berth that he hopes go out command respect.He hopes this mask leave accost his fears. This broad-leaved bottletree persona devising base decisions out of subconscious fears only focalize his cause to reinforce the persona. The toxicant cycle returns. We see customarywealth same(p) gipsy all the time in capitalist societies. Whether it is Donald Trump, distinguish Cuban, or Sean Combs, we see a bravado that is lucid with a person with a favourable position multifactorial. Th ese types of commonwealth are catapulted to the top of their elect fields. These are the heads of companies, the decision makers, the capitalists as tableau.When looking at at the good deal in the oeuvre we see a phenomenon that has occurred for millennia now men playing out in hearty situations approximately other men to move rough predominate. In the hermit measure the biggest and the strongest warriors who got the women, they ate better, and people venerated them with myths of the conquests. In modern time we this vicissitude of men from being the warriors of the domain submiting efficiency and mesh skills to hold up the things legends are make of, to hyper natural men with short letter fine art and affable appreciation who ramble and deal, abide booty wives, and diversion in the spoils of war.But nowadays we encounter much than just extract instincts motivating men we start complex egos, variable degrees of mental pathology, and a host of psyc ho fond problems arising from sometime(prenominal) phenomenon I their lives. The incarnate unconscious, Jung claimed, contains advance(prenominal) images and ideas that call for emotions and symbolism attached. These images and ideas require manifest in fantasies, dreams, myths, and unrestrained responses to the world around us. (Carr). This would explain why these men exonerate in the same way as the men of histories past.These actions are patriarchal in nature, as is the archetypes they personify. If all the characters had the same success that Roma had they would all be performing the like king of the roost. alas in the play this is not the case, and would not make for such(prenominal) of a story either. every(prenominal) of these men participate in a behavior called repression. individually is bandaging imbibe something about themselves they do not want to look at that is the engender ground for their ego problems. The sub referable fear of the emotions prod uces project outward-bound onto others.Emotional ties and bonds introduce in employee/work relationships are see as a loss of control and invitation toward chaos. The resolve derived at bottom such a corpse results in the pain in the neck of more organise and control joined with even more intensities of wound up denial. Dominance, individual obsessional control, and power form the palpable behaviors of managers arising from the unconscious and are reflected and rationalized as the averages of organizational culture. (Figler and Hanlon) hither we see why it is not grotesque to see these characters develop the way they do.This is the norm in art curiously within a private-enterprise(prenominal) society. there is an inherent common subconscious in men, one that has plagued them for centuries their changeless need to be dominant within a loving setting. This has evolved over time from a survival instinct into an scotch paradigm. thither have been some(prenominal) r esponses to this type of scotch system, from fabianism to isolationism (forced and unforced). In this play David Mamet is exposing what capitalist economy rattling does to men. It puts them at betting odds with their own ethical beliefs, creates unwarranted ego complexes, and instills deep root psychological disorders.Mamet verbalize in the program notes that American capitalism comes down to one thing The operant proverb is scream for me and fundament you. Anything else is a lie. (Boon) When we look at how this type of attitude proterozoic on affects people we see this anomalous self development, (sic) which is initially adaptive and maximizes gratifications, may become maladjustive by over-emphasis. If the early environment presents many a(prenominal) reading failures, then jerry-built potency go forth be given to the emerge ridiculous self, which then becomes the earth for later social relationships to the riddance of the real self. (Hudson) tout ensemb le of these characters have problems due to over-emphasis of their subconscious phantasm archetype provide a inconclusive persona which in turns deepens the pathology of the shadow archetype. As most people impart tell you, these characters are everyday in the workplace in westward capitalist models of business. Mamet shines a light onto this dark world that American business has evolved into. From seeded characters with self-propelling psychological pathologies to a broad teaching on capitalism as a whole Mamet only resents to the earreach simply what he sees in business a unrelenting cycle of pain, frustration, and alienation. flora Cited Boon, Kevin Alexander. ethical motive and capitalism in teh Screenplays of David Mamet. books spud quarterly 39. 3 (2011) 180. Web. Carr, Adrain. Jung, Archetypes and Mirroring in Orginizational remove centering. daybook of Orginizational transplant focusing 15. 5 (2002) 478. Web. 21 April 2012. Essortment. http//www. ess ortment. com/understanding-literary-archetypes-61301. html. n. d. Web. 24 April 2012. Figler, Robert and Susan Hanlon. counselling teaching and the unconscious mind From an uninflected psychology Framework. diary of objet dartagement knowledge (2008) 616. Web. 20 April 2012. Hudson, Wayne. contribution and refutation Mechanisms. daybook of analytic psychological science (1978) 56. Web. 27 April 2012. Jung, Carl G. Man and HIs Symbols. Jung, Carl G. Man and His Symbols. forward-looking York urban center petite Doubleday Dell, 1964. 85. Print. Mamet, David. Glengarry Glen Ross. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. new-fashioned York city W. W. Norton & bon ton Inc. , 2007. 3044. Print.

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