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Nanna Ziggurat and Khafre's Pyramid Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

nan ziggurat and Khafres Pyramid - Essay ExampleSimilarly, the Nanna Ziggurat constructed during 2100-2050 BC in ancient Middle eastmost or contemporary Iraq was dedicated as a place of worship or temple (Stokstad and Cothren 36). The Nanna Ziggurat and Khafre Pyramid, were constructed based on the conviction of ethereal gods, nonetheless they served dissimilar functions. While Nanna Ziggurat was basically a temple, the Khafre pyramid acted as a funerary complex. The aim of this essay is to analyze the similarities and variations of the 2 monumental structures, and trying to show how both structures served symbolically as a link between the earth and heavens, or some form of eternal feel linking room. This paper shows that even though both structures had a common function of acting as the bridge linking heaven and world, they had different connotation and composition in terms of being the center of convention for the people and their gods. Discussion First and foremost, both cul tures were highly intelligent in terms of how they went about constructing the elaborate and huge monuments. Nanna Ziggurat is situated in Ur, the capital of ancient Sumeria civilization or present day Iraq, on the banks of river Euphrates, while the Khafre pyramid was constructed in Giza, Egypt on the river Nile plateaus (Stokstad and Cothren 82). ... The river Nile played a crucial role during Egyptian civilization, and its yearly flooding was considered a miracle, consequently the Egyptians turned to religion to acquire a sense of bail and everlasting life. That is why they constructed the pyramids as the Imperial symbol of supremacy and authority, since they considered their pharaohs as earthly form of their sun god Re who would then preserve their agrarian life from natural disaster (Stokstad and Cothren 52). The architecture and size of both Nanna Ziggurat and Khafres Pyramid are very dissimilar from one another, couple with a huge variation in scale.While the Nanna ziggura ts is a large stepped structures with numerous temples and a shrine on top, the Khafre pyramid had a rectangular base with three platforms and stairs that converge on the first platform.The Khafres Pyramid at Giza was a massive structure with a faultless pyramid shape and a square base. It has four oblique sides which perfectly meet up at a tip at the top. However, both Nanna Ziggurat and Khafres Pyramid were not the outcome of rebuilding, but rather extensive and detailed constructions. The Nanna Ziggurat base covers roughly 28,905 square feet, in profit to being 100 feet tall.On the other hand, the Khafres Pyramid had a base that covered 566,280 square feet with a height of roughly 471 feet (Stokstad and Cothren 56). Khafre Pyramid The Nanna Ziggurats was erected using repetitive building, whereby the rubble from all construction was used as groundwork for the subsequent ones. Nevertheless, both monuments have slightly leaning walls that helps in shield their foundations from fl ooding, but the Sumerians built Nanna Ziggurat using diverse materials, with the greater part being mud bricks. This helped

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