Friday, July 26, 2019

Macro analysis of Pulp Fiction (1994) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Macro analysis of Pulp Fiction (1994) - Essay Example Thus the movie viewer knows something is about to happen, probably a "hit." And from the way these two wiseguys talk, the viewer knows they are cold killers, professionals, so whoever is going to get "whacked" are in for it. At an apartment building, they go up the elevator and end up in front of a door--but theyre too early. So they "hang back." Finally the time arrives to execute their mission. They enter the apartment, question the inhabitants, fetch some precious suitcase, then shoot the living daylights out of their targets. Even in the hands of a less creative director, the interesting-ness of this scenes plot (written by Tarantino and Roger Avery) could provide passably entertaining fare, but under Director Tarantino, with his use of incongruous dialogue, a modern-yet-rundown-60s-type set design straight from Alfred Hitchcocks "Psycho" and the ability to elicit wonderfully different/surreal performances from his actors, the result is something entirely new, refreshing, engrossing, and enjoyable. If theres a phrase that captures this fresh magic, it is "out-of-placedness." The films dialogue is "out of place," the scenes are "out-of-place" in a linear sequence, the characters are "out-of-place." The rich dialogue would be more likely be overheard at a geek convention, the movies scenes are non-linear and interwoven like an Escher painting, the characters with their strange mannerisms and interest in pop culture, though realistic and very human, seem to exist only in a world all their own. As a show of his talent, Tarantino has made all this work. The movie viewer, expecting the tension, the drama and suspense of the Crime & Gangster genre and the mood of film noir, is not disappointed because Tarantino shows respect for the genre and the noir style. "Pulp Fiction" is never campy or over the top. Director Tarantino has made sure his actors all perform their lines and actions as grittily realistic as possible. The movie does not parody nor

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