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Thea Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Thea - Essay Example During this era, Hollywood or cinema was becoming an imperative part in the development of the fashion industry. Cinema became the mode of shifting attention from the sorrowful scenario generated due to war. Hollywood actresses played crucial roles in determining the fashion statements of the year. Uche Okonkwo in the renowned book; â€Å"Luxury Fashion Branding: Trends, Tactics, Techniques† mentioned, â€Å"This led to the increase of the style and fashion influences of Hollywood actresses like Marilyn Monroe, Liza Taylor, Audrey Hepburn and Brigitte Bardot† (Okonkwo 30). THESIS STATEMENT This essay intends to focus on the influence the costumes of the movies in 1940s had on the general fashion of the era. Moreover, keeping in view the two prominent actresses who were extremely popular in that generation in Hollywood, Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn, the essay focuses on the stylistics and fashion statement of these two divas on the society as a whole. FASHION OF HOLLYWOOD IN 1940s To understand the fashion and style of Hollywood films during 1940s, it is essential to study the nature of film produced during the era and the characteristics and features of those films particularly. Film Noir is a product of these decades, but 1940s and 50s observed the increase of Hollywood musicals as well. The decade viewed a mix feeling of emotion and maturity in the films. With the disappearing of the war generated distress among people, it was a suitable time for the people to celebrate a new beginning and reunite. Depressing activities of war time started eradicating slowly during this decade. In its place, action, adventure and fun began to take priority for the subject of the movies. Taking the opportunity, Hollywood started focusing on entertainment, making it a component for profitable film making. This kind of fun, adventure and family dramas did involve a considerable amount of scope for fashion and decorative settings. People were significantly m otivated towards following the decoration appearing on the film sets and the hair style, shoes and bags along with jewelleries worn or used by their dream man or woman on the silver screen. ROLE OF ACTRESSES IN DETERMINING THE FASHION STATEMENT OF 1940S: A CLOSE STUDY OF STYLISTICS OF AUDREY HEPBURN AND KATHERINE HEPBURN The movies of 1940s did give birth to a number of new actors and actresses in Hollywood films. The emergence of such new talents brought with it a combination of new tastes and new faces which positively altered the meaning of cinema. It also expanded cinema totally from a very conventional form. The spectacular aspects depicted in the films started to get apparent through the costumes and fashion statements of the heroines. It would be unfair to take the name of one of the timeless beauties of Hollywood when fashion statement and its depiction in cinema become the topic for discussion. Audrey Hepburn made a stunning performance in the film ‘Roman Holiday†™ in the year 1953. As regards to her fashion statement, it is quite necessary to mention that Audrey Hepburn has made her space in the International Best Dressed List Hall of Fame. The appeal and style with which she carried all her apparel added an extra attraction to them. Actually, 1940s witnessed the huge addition of women into the film industry. Thus, the pioneers like Hepburn had to take the extra care of maintaining the dignity and respect of women appearing on screen as icons of independent American

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