Thursday, October 17, 2019

Reflections on Contemporary Leadership Issues and Strategies Essay

Reflections on Contemporary Leadership Issues and Strategies - Essay Example The application of various concepts in the practical world allows one to understand the functionality and dynamic nature that leadership requires, in order for this subtle art to be effective. The class boasts of a plethora of different nationalities and backgrounds that have made me appreciate key ideologies like teamwork, motivation and appreciating diversity amongst many other. Leadership is not merely about managing people and increasing productivity to generate higher profit levels. It is an amalgamation of various personal, social and strategic skills. True skills promoted by leaders are developed over a period of time, and are evolved through regular use in all aspects of the daily routine of an individual. This by no means implies that the same skill set will apply and work in all situations. While certain individuals possess inherent leadership qualities and abilities, others will need to perfect their skills through learning and practicing. One feature which must be remembered by all is that true leadership values can never be taught; they must be groomed through use. The feedback provided by my fellow colleagues was an enlightening experience that allowed for an understanding from a different perspective. Conversations and discussions allowed everyone to contribute to the matter in an open environment, with each individual able to discuss their views and experiences of leadership. This provided a more comprehensive outlook of the subject, with examples of various industries and sectors like information technology (IT), health care, hospitality, human resources (HR) and construction; from the public and private aspects, with global and local perspectives. Everyone has a different way of relating to/with leadership. I believe that my personal reflection varies from most of the generic scenarios. Most of the course text assigned to us provided detailed discussions on leadership from a business outlook. While these harnessed ideas and

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