Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Reflective Letter Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Reflective Letter - Essay Example I think this is one of the central parts of the revision process. It is possible to write a sentence that is grammatically correct that nonetheless has multiple meanings. Upon the revision process I was able to spot much of the ambiguity and clarify these element. This way the paper flowed more and the argument was stronger. During the revision of this specific paper I also realized areas where the argument could be made stronger. These revision elements were more conceptual in nature as I recognized that things that were previously stated were not as strong as they could have been. This way I was able to add more quotes and background information to strengthen the essay. To a great part my writing in ‘Your Life is Your’ Decision’ also was revised in terms of clarity and conceptual elements. Throughout this essay I recognize there were many elements that I did not make adequately clear. Changing these elements allowed the essay to flow better. Notably with this essay I experimented more with the form of the paragraphs. I came to realize that oftentimes paragraphs can go in a variety of positions and that experimenting with positions allows one to add rhetorical flair and strength to the essay. Another essay that I made revisions to was ‘A Summer Fitness Journey’. I chose this essay to be included in my portfolio as it not only represents a literal summer fitness journey, but also metaphorically attests to my writing journey throughout the course. Many of the changes that were made to this essay were for clarification purposes. In this sense I recognize I wrote the essay with a story in mind and at times did completely understand that the audience didn’t comprehend specific elements. This way during the revision I was able to more thoroughly establish the aspects of the story that weren’t thoroughly explained enough. Another major thing in this essay was the understanding that things emerged I wasn’t

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