Sunday, September 8, 2019

Answer the following questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 1

Answer the following questions - Essay Example An individual’s opportunity to be a private pilot is no doubt rewarding and at the same time very meaningful. Aeronautic engineers have a huge blessing possessing critical education and experience in air control operations. Hence, certain requirements are implemented by the federal government. The first and foremost is possessing a â€Å"private pilot certificate,† which is critical for aeronautics and traffic control. As the resume indicates, The impressive element about the resume is the fact that this individual possesses experience in the Air Manifest system, which is crucial in this job. Moreover, this individual has experience documenting, which can be used for auditing purposes. Undoubtedly, it takes a special person to be an inflight crewmember and an ambassador of the JetBlue brand.  Lastly, the cargo screening is a crucial component towards the individual’s experience. I would like the individual to have more experience in systems. Since most positions are dominated by information systems, it would be crucial if the individual possesses some background programming. Moreover, the individual should have more education and exposure in customs. As a aeronautics engineer, tourist VISA is extremely essential along with FMM, which is a visitor permit that is provided by the airline. In addition, a customs declaration form is vital. Clearing immigration upon arrival is highly suggested for foreign pilots since clerks do check these documents. For further approval, the FMM permit gets stamped by the airport officials. My shinning moment in customer service was when the system crashed and I had to figure out the flight schedule using â€Å"paper and pen.† It was one of the most difficult aspects to overcome since the flight database is crucial towards customer service. Thanks to my quick troubleshooting method and organizational leadership skills,

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