Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Rhetoric anlysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

Rhetoric anlysis - Essay Example rb indicates that Catton’s style does not emphasize on action images, but on descriptive images that aim to illustrate the paradox of being different, and yet being alike. Another example of atypical syntax is: â€Å"Daring and resourcefulness they had too† (paragraph 15). It is a typical because the predicate â€Å"Daring and resourcefulness† was put first before the subject â€Å"they.† The unique quality of writing emphasizes descriptions of the greatness of these two generals, and how they truly captured the diverse characters of the American identity. Catton focuses more on the backgrounds of the two generals and how they served as the metaphor of their people because they are more important than statistics and dates in representing the greatness of two people uniting for a great common cause. For instance, Catton says that â€Å"Lee†¦himself was the Confederacy† (paragraph 6) and Grant was â€Å"the Westerner† (paragraph 11). By making each general stand for the people they were fighting for, Catton successfully creates a patriotic tone that can unify Confederates and Union supporters because, if their generals, the epitome of who they are and what they stand for, can set aside their differences to attain common interests, then these two groups of people can also do the same. The single sentence in paragraph 3 provides the thesis of the essay. It argues that these two generals are truly different, but they must collide in order to pave a new direction for the country. The purpose of using a single sentence is to emphasize the thesis and to set the tone of writing and attitude of the speaker toward the values and ideals that Lee and Grant represent, individually and jointly. These coordinating conjunctions give special coherence to the paragraphs because they provide the signal posts for talking about differences or similarities between the two generals and the lives they represent. They also support the patriotic, conversational tone that Catton uses, so

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