Saturday, September 7, 2019

English Assignment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

English Assignment - Essay Example Sometimes, only dancing in front of the mirror when nobody else is watching me helps me know myself more. I am surprised at the ideas on different ways to move my body that I get; they unveil hidden portions of my personality that I only get to see while I dance. Although it takes energy to dance, yet it is ironical that dance instills energy in me and I feel energized. While I move my body, it automatically occurs to me to life my eyebrows up or curl my lips into a smile that goes perfect with the moves I take. Dance holds value for me as it helps relieve tension and anxiety and alleviates mood. I dance mostly at too situations; one, when I am extremely happy, and the other, when I am extremely sad. When I am happy, it helps me retain the happiness, and when I am sad, it helps me shed away the sadness and forget my sorrows. More importantly, I use dance as a physical exercise. I am too lazy to follow a tough workout routine or to jog every day, so I dance. I play songs at the stereo system and dance on them at least for half an hour every day. It helps me burn calories and restore energy at the same time. It is a wonderful exercise because it does not feel like a liability when you are running or jogging. Doing exercise through dance is actually fun; it is like being in a party and dancing like crazy. While it does burn a lot of calories, one does not feel exhausted or feel like giving up while the exercise is on. The value dance holds for an individual depends to a large extent on how one understands it. Some people are just too dry and serious to understand the value of dance. To them, to dance might be like being a clown. People that enjoy dancing and get benefits out of it like me do place a lot of value in dance. I have been interested in the Indian classical dance since my childhood. That is so different from the conventional western dance. I think Indian classical dance embeds a lot of aspects of the Indian culture. I see a lot of difference in the clas sical dance performed by the Indian men and Indian women. It is, to some extent, an expression of the gender roles in the society. I tried to learn Indian classical dance in a school in my childhood, but it was not as easy as I had presumed it to be. They danced it at Tabla, the popular musical instrument. Being a western, it was very difficult for me to learn the Indian classical dance. I think it takes a fair understanding of a culture to learn the way people of that culture dance. I dance spontaneously depending upon the song. It mostly takes me a fast track to get me in the mood to dance. I have danced on disco and pop songs on the birthday parties of my friends. I have practiced both dancing alone and dancing socially. I am more comfortable dancing alone than dancing socially. The major reason I see behind this is that I have not learnt dance at some institution successfully and thus am not a very good dancer. When I dance socially, I have this feeling that I am being watched b y others. It occurs to me not to dance than dance badly, so I dance very less publicly. However, when everybody is dancing and there is not much watching around, I also do my bit, like at the birthday parties of my friends. When I am in the mood of dancing and I am alone, I tend to make sure that there is nobody else watching. I even draw the curtains of my windows down to make sure that nobody far away gets a glimpse. I dance alone in absolute privacy. When I dance

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