Saturday, August 10, 2019

Change in Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Change in Education - Essay Example Many factors have contributed to this. Instances of the factors that have contributed to change include globalization, women empowerment, technological advancements, ecological change, and rate of reported suicide going up and over dependency on our parents for economical support. This means that education has to change. In addition to that if education is to change, then change has to be administered in our schools. Different from the manner in which things used to operate long ago, the needs of every one keep changing. This is starting with the parents, to their children who are the students then lastly, to the staff. The changes occurring in the environment have to be addressed (Congregation for Catholic Education, 1997). As the needs keep changing, then it is evident that change must also be installed. This means that schools have to change the environment that surrounds them whether internally or externally to meet the needs of the end user. If schools review their structure to meet the needs of individuals involved, then it means that they are meeting the needs of the 21st century people and moreover, a wider society. If our schools are to install change successfully, then they must look at the things that are needed to bring about the change. If it is changing the curricula system, the way in which the teachers address their students, what kind of relationship they have, installing change in to students and assisting them to cope with the changes. The administration must first understand what type of change they want to install and why they want to install it. In doing this, there will be a smooth running in the change transaction. They will be able to administer the change effectively since they... This paper approveas that the real reason as to why we succeed in installing change is by installing habitual patterns and behaviors. These patterns, that we install consists of assumptions. These assumptions guide us on how we should handle things. In addition to that as a means of curbing change, there are institutions set up for this. However, as time goes by, we find ourselves in the same process all over again and change becomes an integral part of our lives. If we possess intentions at heart to become effective leaders, then we have to find a suitable way of controlling and installing change. This is especially in our schools now that the education system proves that it needs revision every now and then. If the institution has to meet the set goals, then there has to be constant review of the environments surrounding it whether internally or externally. Since we can never evade change, it means that good leadership has to be integrated to assist individuals in managing change. This paper makes a conclusion that the leaders should have a support structure based on support from each other and a mutual solidarity. Although the solidarity that exists at times will be viewed as the obstacle, it is essential that solidarity exist. In addition, it has been mentioned that people are nothing without their friends. These leaders need the emotional support from their family members and their friends. Moreover, the leaders must also have professional support. In this case, professional support means that the leader has counselors and social workers who will assist him in making sound decisions that seem too difficult for him. If a leader has support from these three groups, then it is with no doubt that a strong structure bond will be formed.

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