Friday, August 23, 2019

Private Vs. Public School Education Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Private Vs. Public School Education - Essay Example But the fees of the private schools are generally very high, and not all parents can afford them. Public schools provide free education. they are equally focused and dedicated to the education of children like those in private schools. Private schools are found to be more expensive than public schools. The most significant concern is the tuition fees. Public schools do not charge tuition. Instead, they are funded through federal, state or local taxes (Private vs. public schools: what’s the difference?, 2009). But private schools are funded by tuition, fundraising, donations and other private grants. Public schools are subject to various state and federal regulations that allow them to provide education to all children including those with special needs. Private schools are not obligated to accept all students. When it comes to educating children in accordance with the learning advancements, curriculum is considered to be the most significant concern of the school authorities as well as the government policies (Kennedy, 2009). There are evident differences between private and public schools in the context of curriculum design for students. Public schools offer a generalized curriculum designed for all students, which includes all the essential subjects (math, English, science, etc.) as well as physical education. The curriculum is mandated by the state government, and learning ability of children is measured by various state standardized tests. In other words, curriculum design in public schools is somewhat definite as regulated by the state. Whereas private schools allow a considerable amount of flexibility while designing the curriculum. For instance, they can develop various specialized programs determined by the requirements of the students. Students are evaluated by standardized tests just like those in the public schools, but private schools can develop their own curriculum and assessment systems. Special

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