Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Industrial Revolution as a Time of Change Essay -- Industrial Revoluti

Industrial Revolution as a Time of Change The Industrial Revolution was a time of drastic change that transformed hand tools and hand made items to machine manufactured and produced goods. Inventions brought on the most drastic changes during the Industrial Revolution. Machines made life much easier while decreasing prices of goods and generally improving life. (mhirotsu.htm). Before the 1750's, life was primitive but simple, which is vastly different from the complex culture that arose from the Industrial Revolution. Before the first Industrial Revolution, England's economy was based upon its cottage industry. The workers would purchase raw materials from merchants, take them back to their cottages, and at home is where the goods were produced. This was usually owned and managed by one or few people. This industry was efficient, but due to the fact that productivity was low, it make the prices high. The longer the it took to create the product, the higher the cost. Goods were expensive, and in turn only wealthy people could afford them. (mhirotsu.htm). The Industrial Revolution was based mainly upon the Cotton Industry , for most of the inventions created during that period were mainly for making and producing cotton. "In the year 1773, there was a high demand for cotton cloth, but the production was low" (mhirtostu.htm). This problem needed to be solved. The solution came from John Kay, a British weaver, who invented and fashioned the flying shuttle, which cut weaving time in half. John Kay was also a pioneer, and his new invention paved the way for many more inventors. At first, workers did not accept the machines, and in numerous cases many inventions were destroyed, but the inevitable was unst... ... brought on many new adjustments in peoples lives. The factory system was a reliable way to lower prices on goods, but the quality of the worker's lives declined. Women and children were required to work long, hard hours, and as a result, many people became sick and developed diseases. With time, the workers became aware of their potential rights, many got together to form Labor Unions. Different groups gave rights to workers and gave them the power to strike. "As more and more laws were enforced regarding the working schedule, working conditions improved and the factory system began to blossom" (change.html). Throughout the Industrial Revolution, many new inventions and machines were created and many advances were made. The revolution was a massive turning point in history, and from then on, tremendous progress evolved creating the society we live in today.

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