Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Employment Relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words - 1

Employment Relations - Essay Example The paper will be based on Harvard HRM model including situational factors; stakeholder interests; HRM policy choices; HR outcomes and long-term consequences. Situational factors for analysis include workers, business strategy, management philosophy, task technology and societal factors. In IMB Australia employment relationship demands increased recognition of the professional qualities of the autonomous worker, which poses problems of incompatibility with an employment contract built upon subordination. Pay is determined by time worked, whilst idle time due to poor organization and absenteeism is reduced. In IBM Australia task characteristics is affected by broader managerial philosophies. The adoption of new managerial policies of human resource management is important in this respect. At one level, a concern for human resources implies investment in training and in the skills of employees. For instance, in 2005 26,4% of the budget ($ 48, 706M) was spent on training and development of employees and 48% was spend on outsourcing (FYI. IBM Global services, n.d.). Further, given the costs of training for employees using new and complex equipment, there is a strong incentive to provide conditions of employment which reduced turnover. The use of advanced technologies tends to be accompanied by greater job security and generally more favorable terms of employment. IMB Australia seeks to bind employee commitment over the longer term by providing extensive fringe benefits and developing internal labor markets that give good opportunities for advancement up a highly stratified promotion ladde r (Arrowsmith & Sisson 2001). Equally important, to the extent that it involves the decentralization of decision-making to employees, whether as individuals or through forms of team decision-making, it is expected to encourage the growth of task discretion and autonomy which has been shown to be so important in employee satisfaction and

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