Friday, August 9, 2019

DB 1 Your thoughts Al Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

DB 1 Your thoughts Al - Assignment Example They would be in step with the times, bringing brand new ideas, creating innovations and developing companies they would work with. People of generation Y or Millennials are the most connected generation in history with the ability and want to face new challenges, have a strong will to mean something to the world and are ready for the constant development of themselves and the environment they live in. They know what they worth, because of the right skill set; they are aware of how much others are paid for doing the same job. And they know how much they need to live. That is why the question of salary is important to them, it is their best motivator. However, most of Millennials do not negotiate about the salary, preferring to find out all necessary information from the Internet, rather than from the employer. This is one of the sides for improvement, especially of those, who know what they are worth. Millennials pay much attention to the meaningful of the work they perform. They con sider themselves the driving force of many of the processes around them and want to be an important part of something bigger. Together with the positive relationship with co-workers such a driving force is one of the keys to the creation of something new and innovative. Flexibility of hours and the possibility to work in teams, making friends with people at work, creates for Millennials unique opportunities for development and moves them up in their wants. For companies, ensuring Millennials with good salaries, learning opportunities, respectful attitude to their ideas, more responsibilities and balancing of work and life spheres will make people of generation Y work at their best for the benefit of themselves and the company. Mooney, J., 2014. Pay Is Millennials’ Top Job Concern, Survey Says, Society for human resource management, Available from

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