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Employees Performance Appraisal Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Employees Performance Appraisal - Coursework Example It makes it easier for the employers to determine the career path for their employees. One of the difference between potential appraisal and performance appraisal is the criterion. The criterion used is to analyze the goals achieved by an employee and what skills he or she currently possesses that could be helpful in indicating the ability of that employee to assume an advanced set of responsibilities. On the other hand, Performance Appraisal refers to the appraisal of the work performed by an employee. Performance appraisal aims at evaluating the employee’s ability to perform the job he is given and whether he has been provided the job in accordance with his potential. Performance appraisal may be performed following a simpler criterion in terms of the quality, quantity, cost and time of the work performed by an employee. Performance appraisal is not future oriented therefore it cannot be used to predict the performance of an employee. Unlike potential appraisal, its purpose is to determine whether the employee has performed satisfactorily. QUESTION 2 Discuss the linkage between â€Å"Potential Appraisal† and â€Å"Career Development†. There is a stable linkage between Potential Appraisal and Career Development. ... The set of skills that are analyzed in the potential appraisal are; communication skills, leadership skills, inter-personal skills, ability to adapt to different scenarios, decision making skills, ability to work as a team and the ability to take initiatives. All these set of skills are highly helpful in the career development of an employee. By analyzing these skills, an employee would know his strengths and weaknesses and it would give him a chance to capitalize on his strengths and to improve his weak skills. In another scenario, if an employee is strong in a particular skill, he would be able to determine his career path based on that skill. For example; a person with strong communication skills can choose marketing as his career. A person with strong leadership skills can develop his career in management. Thus, potential appraisal is linked with the career development of the employees. QUESTION 3 Identify the manager’s main responsibilities when conducting Potential Appra isal. When conducting a potential appraisal, manager should follow the pattern of the appraisal which is the most effective. The manager should formulate the appraisal in such a manner that the purpose of the appraisal is completely achieved. Initially, all the employees whose potential appraisal is to be conducted should be listed by the manager and the manager should conduct the appraisals individually. Another responsibility of the manager is to gather complete information about the employee with regard to his current position and his set of responsibilities. The manager should utilize the results of the performance appraisal to make the potential appraisal more effective. The manager should take into account the performance of the employee in his

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